Utthaan uses technology to connect people with people who need a job done or with job seekers.

The idea behind Utthaan started when we realized the need to give the recovering addicts a chance to work. And at the same time giving the citizens a chance to give a helping hand.

Having realized that each of the recovering addicts has individual needs, we have provided them with an option to take on only daily work, while others who have the inclination can search for full time work.

Search of Resumes are categorised in the following way

  • Those looking to hire someone for a particular single job
  • Those looking for a single project or full time work
  • Those offering employment.

Those looking to avail services

  • You can search for a service and go through the profile of the persons on our database without signing up. But you will need to register before you can request the service.
  • The registration form will have to be filled with your residential and contact details. (These details are kept private and confidential. We do not give out any information, you can read this in our 'Privacy Policy' section.)
  • Once you've registered and we have verified your mobile number through an email or SMS, you will be able to choose the person or service you require.
  • To choose a particular person you have to click on the 'Hire' button. You will have the option to choose 3 profiles at a time to ensure your requirement is met.
  • You will receive an SMS or email with the details of the person who will be attending to your requirement.

Please make sure you ask to see their ID which is mandatory for them to carry.

Those wanting to post their resume

  • You will be required to register before we can post your resume on the Utthaan website.
  • Click on Register and then ‘Post Resume’. This takes you to the next step of filling up your personal and professional details. These details are important information that the recruiters look for. You will have an option to decide on the visibility of your details.
  • Once you’ve completed this, your profile registered with us.
  • It will be verified and you will be given an ID which is mandatory to be carried at the time of going for the job.
  • When you have been selected by someone, you will receive an SMS with address contact details. You will be required to show the ID card to your employer.

Those offering employment

Companies or Individuals who have job openings will be required to register before posting an opening.

  • Click on Register and fill out the form.
  • Please do not leave any blanks and give a brief synopsis of the job.
  • When the employee selects the job he/she will click on 'Apply'
  • Employer will receive an email from the employee with his/her resume