The objective of Utthaan Seva project is to make available a platform that will help the recovering addicts to get gainful employment and in turn will facilitate the general public to get easy access to skilled human resource.

In subsequent stage of the project, if required, sensitization and skill development training will be introduced.

Being unemployed is one of the major barriers in the process of successful reintegration, creating numerous financial and social problems among our target group and their families. Stigma is attached to those recovering and unemployed individuals.

Having a job will increase self-esteem, self-confidence and reinforce their position within society. This in turns strengthens their efforts and acts as a positive catalyst for reintegration and sustained recovery.

Though skill development and vocational training are necessary for employment, the primary focus at this stage will be on utilizing their existing skills, which were not tapped due to addiction, to help them get gainful employment.

What is noteworthy is that this concept has been developed by an awardee of the National Award for Outstanding individual achievement by a non- professional. This year four of the awardees are from Maharashtra.

The award will be given by Hon. President of India on 26th June at Vigyan Bhavan, Delhi.