Addiction Support Group

The Name Utthaan

The word Utthaan originates from Pali - an ancient middle Indo-Aryan language It is very difficult to translate the word to convey the exact meaning. This is because the word “Utthaan” represents a concept. A concept which has connotations of arising and growth.

In English mythology there is a similar story. That of the Phoenix. A bird that arises out of ashes.

Utthaan is the hope we have for people coping with debilitating disadvantages like addiction. Reintegration with Society after ruinous addiction is definitely an Utthaan.

About Utthaan

Utthaan is a project to help those in recovery sustain their recovery. We assist and guide them reintegrate into mainstream society.

All our volunteers and staff members are highly motivated to make this work. Utthaan is an initiative by, which is a platform for health care seekers and health care providers.

To know how it all began click here. We know we are working in the right direction because of the recognition from NASSCOM Foundation and Manthan Award for best e–content in health category and for our social initiatives (E–Support Groups).

What We Do

  • Facilitate reintegration of marginalised people back into mainstream society
  • Connect all existing services in the field of recovery and rehabilitation of recovering addicts and people living with HIV/AIDS & make available a common platform.
  • Is based on the belief that an essential part of recovery is becoming a full and respected member of society again.
  • Work towards whole person recovery by facilitating the necessary guidance and access to skill development and Vocational Rehabilitation training centers, counselors, self-help fora, online communities and sensitize employers.
  • Match skills of recovering addicts and people living with HIV/AIDS job seekers with needs of employers. We provide potential employers with access to skilled, talented and very reasonable priced such recovering people as employees.
  • Enable employers to give back to society.

Why Utthaan

Utthaan is an attempt to focus the energies of numerous NGOs working in isolation towards the same goal. It is a project to bring all the stakeholders on one platform.
  • Many different organisations already work within the field of treatment and counseling, however there is a small number of programs for after care and rehabilitation of recovering individuals into mainstream society.
  • Being unemployed is one of the major barriers in the process of successful reintegration, creating numerous financial and social problems among our target group and their families.
  • Unemployment leads to stress, feelings of depression, hopelessness and helplessness, which can cause mental and physical health disorders and lead to relapse.
  • Stigma is attached to those recovering and unemployed individuals. Having a job will increase self-esteem and their position within society. The emphasis is on reintegration and whole person recovery.

For Employers

We offer easy access to skilled and unskilled manpower, at reasonable costs. All our clients are highly motivated to pick up their daily routine and become full members of society again. Utthaan guides them during this process Hopefully you will find talent which will eventually be an asset to your organisation.
Many people in our society are marginalised and stigmatised. This is due to a disease they contracted beyond their power. Utthaan offers you the possibility of giving back to society. Not only will you improve the life of one individual; a whole family benefits.
How to get involved
Please register your company and available job openings through the online registration form available at our website [Click here]. Contact us for offline registration. Our counsellors will visit you.
We are also happy to arrange workshops at your office and we request your participation in our events.

For Training and Support facilitators

The platform provides training facilitators with access to a large group of possible participants, with varying interests and backgrounds. We would like focus on Skill Development and Vocational Rehabilitation training. Our clients are often marginalised members of society, that face stigma in their daily lives. Working together, we can contribute to empower these individuals and improve their position in society .Along with training, people need personal guidance. Counselors for both online support and one on one counselling can also contribute.
How to get involved
  • Register on Utthaan [Click here]. We will be posting updates regularly.
  • Link your organisation to Utthaan, enabling clients to directly interact with you.
  • If required: adjust training to needs of people with disabilities

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Looking for support

Meaningful rehabilitation is a long and difficult process. We have an addiction support group which has useful information which will help sustain recovery. Additionally we have a section where you can register and put your bio data.We will be approaching potential employers and sensitising them so that they consider helping people in recovery find meaningful employment. Utthaan enables you to participate in Skill Development and Vocational Rehabilitation Training, and to get connected with good counselors and doctors.
How to get involved
  • Register through the online available registration form [Click here], and search online for a job.
  • Register offline; ask your counselor or doctor for a registration form.
  • Make use of our offline facilities: we will mediate in person during the job seeking process. read more..